Uniform Colors May Affect Ref Calls

referreeAlan Reifman, Ph.D., and Neil McGillicuddy, Ph.D., psychologists at a research institute in Buffalo, studied how many penalties pro hockey teams of different colored uniforms received over 4 years. They studied concluded that teams in black received 6% more penalties than teams in colorful uniforms which—in some seasons—translated into an extra 2 minutes per game. It’s unclear whether the black uniforms catch the eye of the ref (like red sports cars catch the State Trooper’s eye) or whether wearing black increases players’ aggression resulting in more, well-deserved penalties.

Fortunately, as Psychology Today summarizes, “Previous studies have demonstrated that subtle factors like color have less influence on our everyday behavior when we’re in a high-pressure situation,” a finding that was corroborated by Reifman and McGillicuddy’s study. Once teams reached the Stanley Cup playoffs, uniform details no longer seemed to matter so much.

While uniform colors matter less during high-pressure, high-stakes tasks, they do matter. Psychologists have known for a long time that colors affect our moods and attitudes about things. For instance, cooler colors like blue and green are calming while hot colors like red, orange, and yellow are agitating. Colors also carry cultural meanings. In America, white often means pure or simplicity while black can mean assertiveness or professionalism. What you wear affects both how people perceive you and how you perceive yourself. What do you want to say with your team uniforms in MA?

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