Screen Printing at Red Brick Clothing Company

At Red Brick Clothing Co, we offer screen printing for t-shirts, tanktops, shorts, and lots more. But how does screen printing work and why is it so cool?

Screen printing is the process of putting ink on fabric from a design that you give us! First, we take a high resolution picture and separate it by color—one picture per color. (We have to screenprint each color separately.)


Film positives make shadows

Then we print out each picture on a “film positive film” which is like a transparency film. We print each picture in black because we’re going to use it to make a shadow later on. 

Next, we take the clean screen and, in a special dark room, we paint a certain chemical on it that hardens when exposed to light. We attach the film positives to the screen and expose it to light. Once it’s hardened, we wash away the chemical and everywhere that the film positive blocked the light stays soft and permeable.

Finally, we attach the screens (one for each color) onto the printing press with the fabric. Once the image is all lined up, we press the ink onto the fabric. Then we bake the fabric at about 320º F to cure it and it’s ready to go!

 Image    Image

We love screen printing here at Red Brick Clothing Co. It’s a great way to get your brand out and build team spirit. Our technicians are experts at getting you the best design perfectly printed every time. If you’d like more information about branding your team or our monthly special offers, be sure to sign up for our newsletter or visit our Facebook page!



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